The cinema experience from yesteryear to today As far back as the turn of the century, movie theaters, called cinemas, have entertained the hearts and minds of many. Silent films were some of the first movies screened and gave the public their first taste of fantasy. During wartime, the cinemas offered news reels that kept the public apprised on war updates and other events around the world. Cinemas also provided an outlet from the harsh realities of depression and war.

As technology advanced, so did the believability of the movies. All genres of movies have kept up with the age of advancements. The early horrors films, like Frankenstein, The Blob, and more modern horror film series like Halloween and the Saw have kept watchers on the edge of their seats. Sci-fi and fantasy movies have dazzled the audience's imagination with their ever-so convincing special effects.

But, what would a movie be without a great cinema to play it? Cinemas have advanced right along with the movies. Cinemas come in all different shapes and sizes. Small theaters, large theaters and 3-D screens can be found in just about any place in this world. Surround sound as well as high-definition are upgraded features offered at specialized cinemas.

Along with the upgrades of sounds and sights, the seating has come a long way since the silent film era. Some cinemas offer rocker seats, reclining seats, ergonomically designed seating and arms that raise up between the seats to allow movie-goers snuggle time while enjoying a movie. A great cinematic atmosphere advancement that many enjoy is stadium seating. With stadium seating, the person sitting in front of you does not block the screen. Also, it allows more room for walking between rows of seats.

Cinema concession stands have become leading edge over the last several years. Various cinemas offer concessions such as popcorn, candy and soda, while others offer muffins, pizza, pretzels, hot dogs and more. Many cinemas even have coffee shops with specialty coffees, ice cream and baked items right in the lobby. A handful of cinemas have even put in "Popcorn Bars" where you can add flavorings, salts and more to your popcorn.

Cinemas have gotten creative in drawing in customers, no matter what the financial situation of the world is. Special features offered by cinemas have become favorites of the penny pinching patron. Some cinemas offer free summer rerun movies for children, while others offer double features. Meal deals are also a great way to stretch dollars at the concession stands. Matinees are early showings of movies at a reduce rate and are another favorite for the budget-conscious.

Today's cinema offers a total package experience for the movie-goer. The sights of the special effects and the sounds of the surround sound delight the eyes and ears. The comfort of the chairs and luxury of stadium seating bring physical joy to the patrons. Lastly, the concessions please even the most finicky of taste buds. Cinemas offer visitors a round-trip ticket into another realm that enchants all senses without breaking the bank.